Nothing has a greater impact on marketing success than insightful data analytics.

So why do 3 out of 4
agencies admit that they
don’t use data to make
critical marketing decisions?

Conversion Alliance believes smart marketing decisions begin and end with data. We go beyond mere reporting to discover actionable insights that drive conversions. Our data analytics team uses the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated and robust analytics tools to answer your most critical marketing questions:

Who are my customers?
- Advanced demographic, psychographic and geographic customer profiling
- Email database with over 80 million households and over 140 million email addresses
- On-site consumer database with over 200 million B2C and 15 million B2B records

How do I reach them?
- Identify profitable customer segments in your database
- Develop specific strategies to reach those unique customer segments
- Establish metrics and measurement tools to enable future reporting

Is my strategy working?
- Comprehensive results tracking capabilities
- Advanced online dashboards and granular reports by region, campaign, offer and more
- Predictive response analytics for future campaigns to enable decision making