Boomers are the wealthiest generation in history. And yet, marketers are having trouble reaching them. According to an AARP survey of its members, 90% of marketing messages miss the mark with the 55+ consumer. That’s because most advertising agencies aren’t built to reach boomers. The median age of advertising writers and designers is 28. Traditional media has been largely ignored by these agencies, and yet boomers continue to trust the media they grew up with.

Boomers are like no other generation. And Conversion Alliance Boomer is like no other agency. Our key strategists, writers and designers are boomers. We understand the psychology of the 55+ consumer – what they think, what they feel, and what motivates them to act. We recognize the way boomers absorb messages delivered through online and offline media, and we excel at delivering the right message to the right communications vehicle. Since 2006, we’ve generated millions of dollars in sales to this very discerning audience.

Conversion Alliance Boomer has the expertise you need to convert the 55+ market.

Direct mail
Boomers are more likely to respond to direct mail than any other age group, and response rates are the highest since 2002.

Boomers spend more time online than Millennials, and they’re 19% more likely to share content than millennials.

Traditional Media
Sixty-six percent of Boomers are more likely to respond to a TV or newspaper ad than an online ad.

Social media
Seventy-one percent of Boomers access a social networking site daily, and they average 1.5 hours a day on those networks.