Is your website generating leads? Here’s how to fix it.

It seems a lot of time and money are wasted these days on digital marketing efforts when all clicks lead to the home page. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big fan of home pages, but they end up being more informative and directional rather than the lead generation machines we want them to be. When it truly comes to generating leads — and even incremental sales — over the internet, there is one machine that reigns supreme: a dedicated landing page.

Unlike home pages, where politics and stakeholder guile more often determine page content, landing pages are uniquely designed to do one thing — convert. Whether it’s to get someone to sign up, download or purchase something, landing pages are all about getting visitors to transact with you quickly. And, as lead generators, that’s what we want. So, before you spend another marketing dollar sending prospects to your home page, check out why a dedicated landing page with a blatant CTA (call-to-action) may be the better way to go.

Click Expectations
One of the fastest ways to lose a lead is when there is a disconnect between the marketing message and the destination page content after the click. Outside of accidental clicks, advertising clicks are inquiry level leads. Visitors are either genuinely curious, evaluating opportunity or are actively interested in transacting with you. That means the destination page has to be in alignment with the advertisement, as visitors are expecting a payoff from their clicks. If you are advertising Whale Watching Trips, for example, visitors are expecting to see a page overflowing with majestic whale imagery and purchasable whale watching packages. Anything less will create a very measurable bounce rate.

One-to-One Focus
Another way to quickly lose leads is to overwhelm visitors with a visual cacophony of links, messages and CTAs, i.e. a typical home page. That’s because each page element vies for visitor attention: “I’m the ABOUT button. Click me to find out what we’re all about.” “No, click me! I’m the Facebook icon. Don’t you want to know how likable we are?” “Wait! Wait! You’ve got to watch me — I’m a video that may or may not rock your world…” And, if the connection with the marketing message and the expected content is below the fold, the odds of a transaction are even more tenuous. A dedicated landing page stripped of extraneous elements, however, brings one-to-one focus to the value proposition, which in turn creates higher interaction with your CTA device.

Measured Optimization
Meaningful data, the holy grail for lead generators, ends up being the number one reason why dedicated landing pages reign supreme. That’s because each page element – both visible and hidden – can be measured and optimized for maximum performance. In very short time, you can easily see if mobile users are accessing your page as easily as desktop users, what copy is driving engagement and which CTA is performing better. With the right mindset and technology, meaningful — and actionable — data can literally be clicks away.

If your home page isn’t bringing home the bacon, then maybe it’s time to serve up a fully measurable,dedicated landing page. There are a lot of tools and services out there ( being one of our favorites) to help you get started fast. But if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, give us a shout. We would be happy to help.