For today’s marketers, it’s all about conversion

How do you measure success in the new marketing paradigm? For 7 out of 10 CEOs, the #1 goal of marketing is revenue generation. And as a result, the only true measure of marketing success is customer conversion.

Now more than ever, today’s marketers are adopting metrics that are tied directly to revenue-related business goals. Marketing departments once seen as cost centers are now expected to be profit centers. CMOs are being tasked to lead disruptive growth within the company.

Meanwhile, their agency partners are still focusing on KPIs that have no direct impact on business goals. They measure success using soft metrics such as likes, followers, reach and impressions. However, CMOs and marketing managers are looking at hard metrics such as qualified leads, conversions and return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Happily, a new breed of agency has developed to fill the need for conversion-focused digital and traditional marketing. Marketing firms like Conversion Alliance combine sophisticated data analytics, advanced marketing technology and multichannel strategic thinking — all working together to convert your prospects into customers.

It all begins with data.

Amazingly, 3 out of 4 marketing firms openly admit that they don’t use data to drive important marketing decisions. That’s more than frightening: it’s absolutely criminal.

Data is the holy grail of conversion marketing. Marketing firms that are data-driven succeed. Marketing firms that don’t use data fail. It’s that simple.

Conversion Alliance has a passion for data that runs throughout the entire organization. We’re strategists, analysts, writers and designers – but at heart, we’re all data geeks. We know first-hand that strategies built around data-driven insights consistently outperform campaigns based on hunches, instinct and “we’ve always done it that way”. Our in-depth analytic services including customer and lookalike modeling; online and offline attribution; analytics and data systems integration; data visualization and on-demand results dashboards.

The marketing mantra at Conversion Alliance is a simple equation: Data drives strategy. Strategy drives tactics. Tactics drive results.

Putting strategic thinking front and center.

One of the top concerns of marketing managers today is the lack of strategic thinking coming from their agency partners. In fact, 33% of agencies confess that strategic thinking is not in their wheelhouse.

It’s not surprising. Most marketing firms suffer from what we call “tactical tunnel vision”. Overspecialization in a particular tactic makes it impossible to for these agencies to devise the kind of multichannel strategies required to effectively move consumers through today’s nonlinear buyer journey.

Conversion Alliance specializes in the multichannel strategic thinking that today’s marketing managers so desperately want – and tactical agencies can’t provide. We’ve brought together strategic thinkers in database marketing, SEO/SEM, social media, direct response and brand positioning. We’ve created an environment that enables them to work together, using their considerable talents to generate customer-centric, conversion-focused marketing strategies.

Marketing technology allows CMOs to focus on performance, not process.

Now more than ever, chief marketing officers are being held accountable for revenue generation. They simply can’t afford to get caught up in the mechanics of executing multichannel marketing campaigns. Marketing technology designed to collect and manage data, push out campaigns and automate mundane marketing functions enable CMOs to focus on performance rather than process.

Still, one in four CMOs struggle to find the right technology solutions for their marketing needs. Conversion Alliance understands that one-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work in today’s hyper-automated marketing environment. Our solutions help you streamline, automate and measure a wide variety of marketing tasks.

From prospect mapping to multichannel campaign management, Conversion Alliance automation solutions are designed to convert prospects while simplifying repetitive marketing activities.

It’s all about conversion. 

Now more than ever, chief marketing officers are looking for marketing partners as committed to driving bottom-line results as they are. The new breed of data-driven, tech-savvy marketing firms like Conversion Alliance are 100% focused on hard metrics such as leads, conversions and ROAS to meet the needs of CMOs nationwide.