Digital is a Direct Response Medium


“Direct Response is not a dirty word.”

Yet a whopping 40% of all digital advertisers don’t utilize key elements of Direct Response to realize the full potential of their sales.

The question: why not?
Technology is growing by leaps and bounds opening new doors in marketing, and while many of these methods are proving to be key in the field, many of them don’t stand up to good old Direct Response marketing.

In other words, they fail to:

“…evoke an immediate response and compel prospects to take some specific action.”*

New digital technologies bring your advertising dollars directly into your customers’ homes and mobile devices with immediate interface capabilities. So why not give your customers the same access to your products by allowing them to respond directly… and immediately?

In an Ascend2 Digital Marketing Strategy Research Summary Report conducted in 2014,** a strong digital marketing campaign increased customer engagement and sales revenue by 49%, added 48% more sales leads and improved customer retention by 23%. Contributing to this massive growth is the inclusion of Direct Response tactics in your digital campaign. The effects can be dramatic.

But what other benefits to an advertiser are there in Digital DR besides generating sales? It turns out Direct Response often serves another role that can have even farther-reaching results.

  • Offers measurable data to determine how successful the ad is
  • Brings in readership expanding your market
  • Targets specific audiences or niches
  • Makes an offer and demands a response

Today’s marketplace is a competitive, technology-driven arena. It’s easy to set new trends in marketing while forgetting the tried-and-true methods of yesteryear, like Direct Response advertising, that are still as relevant today as ever. Combining DR with your digital campaign is an irrefutable way to stay on top of the marketplace by reaching your customers effectively, and allowing them to reach you.

* Dib, Allan. (2016). What is Direct Response Marketing. Retrieved from
** Ascend2, Digital Marketing Strategy Survey, 2014.

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