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5 Secrets to a Powerful Call-to-Action

What’s the single most important element of any marketing message?

It’s not your logo. Hard as it is to believe, your company name is actually the third most important element of the marketing message. It’s not your offer, either. In today’s over-hyped world, aggressive offers are a dime a dozen.

The most critical element of your marketing message is often the most overlooked: the Call-to-Action. Once, marketing campaigns were all about driving impressions, being seen by as many people as possible. Today, it’s about moving people to action. Immediate action. Marketers no longer have the luxury of patience. Campaigns today have to show results now.

Here are five ways to ensure that every marketing message always ends with a powerful Call-to-Action:

  1. Know what your prospect needs.
    Make sure your Call-to-Action doesn’t just sell your product. It should help your prospect reach their goals. Your prospects aren’t just responding to an offer: they’re fulfilling a need.
  2. Create a sense of urgency.
    Prominently feature a specific offer expiration date. Use words such as “now,” “today,” “immediately” and “don’t wait.” Indicate that supplies are limited.
  3. Make it prominent.
    Don’t bury the Call-to-Action. Make sure it stands out. Every element of the advertisement should lead the reader to the Call-to-Action.
  4. Make it easy. Don’t feature multiple Call-to-Actions.
    Use a single phrase asking the prospect to perform one simple action. Make sure the ad provides everything the prospect needs to take the action. If you want them to call, make sure you feature a phone number. If you want them to visit a location, provide a map. If broadcast, try to repeat the Call-to-Action three times.
  5. Tell them what will happen next.
    Don’t leave the prospect hanging. Let them know what happens when they call. “Call now and get a free quote in ten minutes.”,“Come by today and get an immediate 10% off.”

Creating a strong Call-to-Action is the first step to developing a marketing message that will get results. Make it Priority One in your next direct marketing piece, and you’re sure to achieve better results.

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